Compassionate Support For Your Changing Family

Over time, every family experiences significant changes. Some of these changes are welcome, as when a family welcomes new members through marriage, pregnancy or adoption. Other changes, such as divorce, can be very painful. In both good times and bad, a lawyer can often help you and your family choose the right path forward and formalize the decisions you have made.

In any family law matter, there can be legal hurdles separating you from your goal. At JonesLaw, LLC, we aggressively stand up for our clients' interests in the legal system. If you are facing a contested divorce, we will work hard to help you reach an agreement that meets your needs — from the division of your property to the establishment of child custody and child support. From our office in Appleton, we proudly serve clients throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

A Wide Range Of Family Law Services

We represent individuals facing divorce and a variety of related matters, including:

In addition to these services, we also have significant experience in other areas of family law. If you are seeking to carry out an adoption, for instance, we can walk you through this process, including the termination of parental rights belonging to your child's biological parents.

As part of our estate planning services, we also help our clients establish guardianships for minor children, special-needs family members and anyone else who would need extra care in the event that you are no longer able to provide such care yourself.

In cases of domestic violence, we assist those who have experienced violence or fear that they might, in using legal tools such as protective orders to maintain their physical safety while working through disputes with a spouse, romantic partner or another family member.

For those accused of domestic violence, we also offer criminal defense services.

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