Create A Child Custody Plan That Works For You

Only few things are more important than the relationship between a parent and his or her children. Unfortunately, this relationship gets more complicated after a divorce. Wisconsin law recognizes that a child generally benefits from maintaining a relationship with both parents, except in specific circumstances such as domestic violence or negligence. In practice, this means it can be difficult to get as much time with your child as you would like. With the help of a skilled attorney, though, it is possible to reach a custody arrangement that meets your needs.

At JonesLaw, LLC, we will stand up for your interests. We always strive to reach amicable compromises that save all parties both time and money, but we understand that some disputes run too deep to be resolved with a settlement. In such cases, we are prepared to fight on your behalf in order to help you maintain a close relationship with your child, whether the other parent lives across the town or across the country.

The Shifting Legal Landscape Of Parental Relocation

When one parent wants to move to another city or state, it can cause significant problems for an existing child custody plan. Complicating matters further, Wisconsin recently revised the statutes that address this issue: Until recently, a parent seeking to move 150 miles or farther from their current residence was required to provide notice to the other parent. That radius has now been reduced to 100 miles.

By working with our firm, you can rest assured that you will always be up to date on current law and how to evaluate your legal options. Whether you are the parent who is moving, or the one who is staying in place, we can help you assert your rights as a parent and work to establish a custody plan that works for you.

Get Child Custody Advice From A Skilled Lawyer

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