Representing Parents In Child Support Cases

Regardless of whether you and your child's mother or father are together, every child deserves the financial support of both parents. At times, parents must take legal action to ensure their child's best interests are protected and promoted. At JonesLaw, LLC, we help families navigate and resolve child support issues.

How Are Child Support Amounts Calculated In Wisconsin?

When designating financial responsibilities and calculating monthly child support amounts, the family courts in Wisconsin consider numerous factors, including:

  • An existing custody arrangement
  • Incomes of both parents
  • Financial support provided by each parent

Much like every child and family, we understand that every support case is unique. Our experienced attorneys help families facing different custody arrangements and financial situations obtain the support they need. In Wisconsin, the following are common scenarios under which support matters are decided.

  • Shared-placement cases — Involves a parent who pays child support and also shares partial custody of a child. It is important to ensure the monthly support amount reflects the time a parent directly cares for a child.
  • High-income cases —These cases involve parents with high incomes and require diligent supervision to make sure a parent is providing for a child and also that he or she is not being taken advantage of.
  • Serial family case — Cases in which a parent is fulfilling an existing child support order and a new support order is sought.
  • Split-placement cases — Support cases in which each parent has physical custody of one or more shared children.
  • Combination cases — Complex cases where two or more of the situations listed above apply.

Your Legal Advocate In Child Support Matters

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